History of the Atlantic Beach NC Area

Atlantic Beach was begun in the late nineteenth century, originally as a satellite beach and bathing facility for Morehead City’s grand Atlantic Hotel. For decades, it remained accessible only by boat from the mainland, and had no permanent inhabitants. In the 1920s, work began on a bridge connecting the island to Morehead City, and an immense and elaborate resort property called The Pagoda Casino was constructed in the traditional Oriental architectural style, with tiered roofing and pointed eaves.
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Tragically, this structure was lost to fire in 1929, but the only surviving building still stands today on the oceanside. In the 1930s, The once-privatized bridge was purchased by the state, and the infrastructure of a seaside community (roads, huts, and small houses) was begun. This infrastructure is what we now know as the town of Atlantic Beach. Its first permanent residents began living there in 1931.
Today, Atlantic Beach maintains an intimate population of around one thousand, thriving almost exclusively on tourism and fishing. Its streets are lined with gorgeous beach houses, restaurants, and marinas, all while maintaining the glorious sand dunes and pristine beaches that brought people to its banks over a century ago.
Close by is the 3rd oldest town in North Carolina. Beaufort, NC is home to the ever-popular Beaufort Ghost Walk tour which has been thrilling visitors for more than a dozen years. The Beaufort Ghost Walk is a Guided Walking Tour through the Historic District of Beaufort, North Carolina.  Founded in 1709, Beaufort is the 3rd oldest town in NC, and the 12th oldest town in North America.  On the Ghost Walk, you will be entertained by your Pirate Guides, as they regale you with an enjoyable assortment of haunted tales, ghost stories, and  interesting histories of the Beaufort area.  In addition, you will hear about some of the amazing unexplainable encounters experienced by both the guests and guides during Ghost Walks of the past. Find out more at the website http://BeaufortGhostWalk.com

Recommended Activities

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Shark Fishing
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